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Been a minute since I laid my head upon a pair of green
Got me sippin like some good wine
Luminescent like the night sky
Knockin off my equilibrium

Been a grip since I took my first steps but I can't stand
No it's not that easy
Judging by the kinda temperament that you got me feelin
This mass effect is appealing

And I've always had a hard time reconnecting
Finna someone that feels the way I do
Treading waters in a fog of misconnections
Til I found in you

Think it's love at first sight
Think it's love at first sight
Think it’s, think it’s, I think it’s love
Think it’s, think it’s, I think it’s love

Yeah I've always had a hard time reconnecting
When I found someone I didn't have a clue
Getting lost in all these common misdirections
Until I found you

I think it's love

Elevated I'm feeling kinda medicated
Every time I walk in the room it's devastating
Every time I have thoughts of you
I'm conversating 
Cause any other thought just won't do
I'm contemplating

I'm patiently waiting for that love you demonstrating
All them other niggas hating
All that talk is over rated
I'm George Lucas to your Star Wars feel the force you radiating
Emmulating such a high
Cause by now you probably faded

You should
Trade in
Your ps for a 360
You could take me out
With a head shot
Get the high score
And and you'd still miss me

Take another ride looking around the block
Take another shot
Take another chance
Gonna get cold 'fore it get hot
Gonna walk off stage with the Mic drop
Gotta let my pipes to cool off

Well I admit it I detect a bit of jealous
I went into the Quickie Mart and got you some jellybeans
Got you some jalapeño poppers you be spicy b
And I don't really know if I like that kind of seasoning, real talk


from Phat A​$​tronaut Live, released January 22, 2017
Vocals: Chad Browne-Springer
Guitar: Mark Lyon
Bass: Mike Russo
Drums: Chris Barone



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Phat A$tronaut New Haven, Connecticut

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